Specially designed for the Industrial and Decor market
It integrates METIS exclusive DC SynchroLight (Patent protected technology)

The DRS 2000 DCS is the largest model in the METIS DRS DCS family with a scanning format of up to 200x121cm. It has been designed especially for the most demanding Industrial and Decor applications.

The DRS 2000 DCS introduces new important features which have no comparison in any other system on the market such as the innovative DC SynchroLight lighting system (Dynamically Controlled Synchronized Light) which incorporates a new technology developed by METIS, covered by patent deposited in January 2010, which allows dynamic control of the light in the scanning area.

DC SynchroLight technology gives the ability to control and change dynamically, instantly and automatically the angle and intensity of the light emitted by the light sources in the scanning area, making it possible to optimize the result of the digitization, depending on the type and nature of the originals.

In addition to the DC SynchroLight, METIS has also designed a proprietary software tool that allows post-scan light variations for real-time light changes and calculating 3D data from 2D color data, without the need to rescan the original; post- scan light changes enable to select the best light schematic in a matter of seconds and providing unique results unreachable by any other system.

Some of the other benefits introduced by the new DRS 2000 DCS system are: the digital camera integrated into the DRS 2000 DCS system has been vertically motorized in order to allow achieving an optical resolution of 1000PPI (and up to 2000x1000PPI); high scanning speed and operativity; perfect geometrical accuracy and high depth of field; new METIS Scan Director software for Fine-Art and Decor applications is now available; special 3D scanning mode (require combining 2 SuperScan images into the Light Inspector software) allowing the generation of a dense and accurate Depth MAP for 3D printing/engraving purposes.