Space-saving scanning. Wide-reaching versatility. Network capability.

Scan to Email

Scanned data can be emailed as file attachments.

Scanned data can be Emailed as file attachments. Up to 5 MB in total (including the header and Email message) of scanned data can be transferred to the Email server at one time. *

* Transmission size limit is up to 999 pages or 20 MB. The default setting is 5 MB limit.
* SSL compliant

Scan to SMB Folder

Scanned data can be stored to a SMB folder.

Scanned data can be stored to a Windows shared folder (SMB folder) on LAN connected PC.

* Transmission size limit is up to 999 pages or 256MB.

Scan to FTP Server

Scanned data can be transferred to a FTP Server.

Scanned data can be transferred as files to an FTP Server without using a PC. Convenient for sharing large files that are too big to attach to Email.

* Transmission size limit is up to 999 pages or 256MB.
* SSL correspondence at the time of push scan of FTP and FTPS is scheduled to be dealt with in 2018.

Network PC mode

Scanned data can be transferred to a PC via the LAN.

If you register scanning conditions in advance in Image Capture Plus, you can scan to a PC, FTP server, an SMB folder, SharePoint, Cloud, or Email using wired or wireless LAN.

* PC and Image Capture Plus are required. These can be used in Network PC mode (scan to networked PC)

Preset scan

Scan without using PC.

If you register scanning conditions in advance, you can scan directly to an FTP server, a shared folder (SMB), or e-mail via wired or wireless connection without using a computer.

Wireless and Wired LAN Scanning

More scanning options with wireless and wired connection.

One scanner can be used by multiple users on multiple devices via wireless or wired connection making scanning jobs even easier and more convenient.

* When using more than two PCs, OCR function of ICP is optional.
* Wired LAN and wireless LAN connections can not be used simultaneously.

Being able to connect to a wireless LAN can now allow users to perform scanning operations even in small spaces without connecting the scanner to the PC using the USB cable.

* Scan functions and operations are the same as when connected using USB cable.

Easy Maintenance

Reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

The clamshell design allows full, easy access to the entire paper path, so you can clear paper jams or clean the unit without calling a service center. The rollers last a long time and are easy to replace when worn, also improving the unit’s cost-effectiveness.

Long Paper Mode

Even documents of unusually long sizes can be scanned.

The highly reliable paper feed system lets you scan documents up to 5588 mm (220 inches) in length. This is ideal for scanning electrocardiograms (EKG) or other special documents. This single scanner handles a wide variety of applications.

Embossed Card Scanning

Enables smooth embossed card scanning.

This model can scan up to three embossed cards, such as driver’s licenses, consecutively.

Passport Scanning

Multi-page documents can be scanned with the ADF.

By switching the DFP roller lever, multi-page documents, passports, and bankbooks can be scanned.

* Less 3.0 mm (118.1 mils) thickness
* When scanning a passport or bankbook, use a carrier sheet to prevent paper damage.

Flatbed Scanning

For scanning passports, datebooks, and other special documents.

Passports, date books, bound materials and other documents that cannot be fed through the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) can be scanned with flatbed scanning. The scanner is also equipped with a Start button, so work efficiency can be increased by quickly scanning while turning the book’s pages, with no PC operation necessary.

2-Page Separation

Easily get the data you need from each page.

A 2-page spread can be scanned and automatically divided into two single sheets.* This saves time and trouble because it makes complex editing operations unnecessary. Also, when used with the optional flatbed scanner, 2-Page Separation can be applied even to thick books or magazines.

* Divided lengthwise or crosswise. The length of the scanned document is divided in half. The division is not based on the content of the document.

Space-Saving Installation

The scanner can be installed just about anywhere.

The retractable tray saves storage space when the scanner is not in use. Simply place the scanner on the counter and a desk, and use when needed. The space-saving design helps to achieve an efficient usage environment.

Power Saving

Reduces power consumption.

LED lighting

The scanning section uses LEDs for its light source to lower power consumption while scanning.

Sleep mode

Power consumption is suppressed to 1.6 watt maximum during sleep mode to save energy while the scanner is not being used.

Power Auto Off function

The power automatically turns off at a preset time to cut down on wasted electricity.*

* Approximately 0.3 W of electricity is consumed when the power is off.


Auto Erasure Security

A high degree of safety.

Scanned data is automatically erased from the scanner memory as soon as scanning is completed. This basically eliminates the danger of information leaks, and ensures the user of safe, secure scanning.

Automatic Image Orientation

No more worries about the document’s direction.

Even when documents are set in different directions, this function detects the direction of the scanned text in documents and automatically rotates it into the correct direction.* This boosts work efficiency by eliminating the need to change the direction of each page in advance when scanning large quantities of documents with various sizes and directions.

* The orientation of documents with many characters using text decorations may not be correct.

Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection

Prevent scanning errors.

In addition to its double-feed prevention roller, the double-feed prevention system is enhanced by an ultrasonic sensor that detects the double feeding of originals during scanning. This innovative design prevents double feeding, and has been proven effective even when the documents being scanned contain a mix of paper of different weights or thickness. Thanks to double-feed prevention, optimum reliability is assured even when scanning high volumes of documents.

Double-Feed Prevention

Prevents scanning mis-feeds.

This double-feed prevention roller system is worked to achieve reliable scanning of large amounts of documents. It reduces double-sheet feeding by separating the documents from the second sheet onward.

Paper and Hard Card Scanning

Reduces the time spent on pre-sorting. Enables hard card scanning with paper documents in a single batch.

These scanners are designed to combine paper documents along with a embossed card, such as a driver’s license, in a single batch. You can even scan a stack of hard cards, including embossed cards, continuously via the auto document feeder.

Touch Free Scanning

Quick manual paper feeding.

For smaller scan jobs, Touch Free Scanning is convenient for manual paper feeding – just insert documents directly into the scanner.

Single Touch Scan

Simply press a button to send scanned data.

3 customizable preset keys simplify scan tasks. With the touch of a button, instantly start scanning documents and send them to a destination of your choice.

Duplex Scanning

Prevents pages from being missed when scanning.

Double-sided scanning of documents from business-card size all the way to A4 can be done with a single scan. Plus, double-sided scanning is done at the same speed as single-sided scanning. This eliminates the need to repeatedly turn the document over to the front and back to rescan, and prevents pages from being missed when scanning.

High-Speed Full-Color Scanning

Excellent performance keeps office productivity high.

This speeds up the job of turning even large amounts of daily forms and mountains of documents into data. Clean, crisp, clear scanned data is also ideal for electronic file conversion and management.


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