Productivity and Quality for Digitization Projects

Productivity and Quality for Digitization Projects

A Compact Self Service Book Scanner for the Whole Office

A Unique Self Service Book Scanner

Ultimate Copier Replacement for A3+
Full Features of the Larger A2+ Model at Entry Level Price

Cost Effective Entry Level Book Scanner Model

The Easiest Way to Make One Out of Two!

Ideal for processing large volume scanning jobs.

A Powerful Scanning Software Package Built into the Scanner

The Ultimate Scanning Technology

Flexible Scanning from iPad or Android Tablet

Transform books, files, and other documents quickly and easily into searchable multipage PDF files

Guaranteed Color Quality from Scan to Printout

The new plug-in Scan2PS for Adobe® Photoshop® 

Scanning and Image Processing in a Single Step

Capture Software for the Bookeye® Product Families